Our Mission

  The Providence Center helps adults, adolescents and children affected by psychiatric illnesses, emotional problems and addictions by providing treatment and supportive services within a community setting. Since 1969, The Providence Center has made recovery possible for Rhode Islanders through over 40 programs and wraparound services that meet each individual’s unique needs for living healthy.

Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives

The Providence Center’s programs and services provide a full array of community-based care to help adults, children and families live happy, healthy lives.

@TheProvidenceCenter If you have a loved one struggling with #mentalhealth, visit our blog post from last year for tips on helping ow.ly/IRDK308Ya7S

Posted: February 16 2017

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Posted: February 14 2017

@TheProvidenceCenter RT @NAMIMass: #depression can be very serious, so spread the word to those who may be suffering. twitter.com/NAMIMass/statu…

Posted: February 13 2017

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