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Our Approach to Treatment

Recovery is possible.

This belief guides our approach to mental health and addiction treatment services. Our services are centered on clients and focused on their recovery journeys, helping them to achieve their goals, discover their strengths and identify what they need to make recovery a reality.

Recovery is possible when people are connected to supports after treatment—services that remove barriers that clients may face in achieving mental and physical wellness. These include peer recovery coaches who help people new to recovery navigate treatment, and wraparound services that provide assistance with finding safe and affordable housing, arranging consistent primary medical care or securing meaningful employment.

We believe that primary care and behavioral health care should be accessible to all who need it and that mental health should not be separate from physical health. The Providence Center has demonstrated a commitment to addressing the health needs of the community by introducing integrated primary and behavioral care to Rhode Island. Through partnerships and innovative wellness-based programs, we have ensured that there is no wrong door to accessing the care needed to achieve optimal outcomes. Integrating primary and behavioral health care treats the whole person, improving the quality of care and lowering overall health care costs.

The Providence Center believes people can and do recover. When we meet clients where they are in their recovery with the right kind of care at the right time, the results are a community that gets better and stays well, more cost-effective health care and a more sustainable health care system that benefits everyone.

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