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Financials FY2017 (10/1/16-9/30/17)

Summary of changes in unrestricted net assets from operations


TPC FY2016 souces of funding

Source of Funding

 Government grants and contracts $10,142,921

  In-Kind Revenue $1,132,288

  Fundraising, Contributions & Satisfaction of Restrictions $542,825

  Medicaid/Medicare/Managed Medicaid $32,982,636

  Client Activities, Fees & Residential Rental Income $706,995

  Third-party Reimbursements $1,126,962

  Consultation & other income $7,470,188

Total $54,104,815


TPC FY2016 uses of funding

Use of Funding  

Program Services $48,207,661

Management & General $5,201,202

Fundraising $299,269

Total $53,708,132

Change in unrestricted net assets from operations: $396,683

*These are TPC only amts based on the audited financial statements*

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