About ALA

A high school for teens overcoming addiction

Anchor Learning Academy is Rhode Island's first recovery high school that combines therapy and clinical supports with academic programming.

Anchor Learning Academy supports each student's personal recovery and academic goals by integrating strong clinical and educational programming that supports the development of skills necessary for continued recovery and successful transition back to the student's community school, to higher education or to the workforce: 

Individualized Academics

Anchor Learning Academy's curriculum is individualized, so each student can meet the requirements of their district. Anchor Learning Academy operates as a 180-day a year program with a specialized 6-week summer program.

  • Small class size
  • Classroom instruction and blended e-learning methods
  • Curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards
  • Support for fulfilling Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements
  • Coordination with the student's local school district to ensure completion of credit requirements
  • Credit recovery

Clinical Recovery Services

Clinical services are incorporated into each school day to help students continue the progress they have made in treatment. An on-site recovery clinician meets daily with each student, conducts weekly group therapy and maintains communication with the student's family.

  • Individualized treatment plans to guide each student's goals for recovery
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Family involvement
  • Transition planning to ensure continued recovery after Anchor Learning Academy

Anchor Learning Academy is Rhode Island's first recovery high school operated by The Providence Center, Rhode Island's leader in innovative mental health and substance use treatment. Students and families of Anchor Learning Academy have access to The Providence Center's high quality clinical services and linkages to support services.