Individualized Learning

Students are assigned to courses based on the graduation requirements of their home school district and their academic skill level as indicated by assessment test scores. Experiential learning, service learning, community service and group work are key components to the curriculum of the Anchor Learning Academy. Certified Rhode Island secondary school educators provide classroom instruction in the areas of:

English Language Arts
Physical Education

Graduates of Anchor Learning Academy receive a diploma from the community school district upon meeting academic graduation requirements.

Anchor Learning Academy’s small size creates the ideal environment for individualized learning where students can address the social-emotional factors that contribute to their substance use while focusing on academics. With students in the driver’s seats of their learning and recovery plans, Anchor Learning Academy fosters leadership qualities among students.

Blended virtual learning combines face-to-face instruction with e-learning methods, allowing students to learn at their own paces and access clinical services as necessary without disrupting academic progress.

In addition to formal course work, with the guidance of staff and parent(s), each student charts quarterly planned learning activities to identify their strengths and to address their weaknesses as they work towards post-Anchor Learning Academy goals. Students meet with the Education Coordinator on a regular basis to monitor progress towards graduation and post-graduation goals and serves as the point-person for communication with each student’s home school.

The Recovery Counselor is also available to assist with other educational, emotional and social issues that students are experiencing and to provide referrals when appropriate.

Following an assessment, all students at Anchor Learning Academy have personal literacy plans that outline individualized interventions and strategies for achieving academic goals. The personal literacy plan is also differentiated for students reading at or above grade level in order to maintain a culture of challenge.