How to Apply to Anchor Learning Academy

If your child or student would benefit from the individualized learning environment and recovery supports of Anchor Learning Academy, please call Christopher Mahon, educational coordinator, at 401-432-7106 or Christopher and his staff will guide you through the admission process.

Admission Requirements

  • Anchor Learning Academy is a learning environment.  All students must demonstrate commitment to both education and sobriety.
  • All students upon admission must submit to pre-admission urine toxicology screen. All students upon admission agree to future random urine toxicology screens as part of their individual recovery plan and/or as deemed necessary by Anchor Learning Academy staff.
  • Students are required to remain drug and alcohol free while attending Anchor Learning Academy.
  • Students (along with their parents/guardians) must work with the Anchor Learning Academy recovery counselor to develop an individualized recovery plan.  In the event of relapse, the student is expected to report his/her relapse immediately to the recovery counselor or any Anchor Learning Academy staff. After a relapse event has occurred, the student and his/her parents are expected to work with the recovery counselor to revise the individual recovery plan in an effort to regain and maintain sobriety.
  • Students must be willing to participate fully in the recovery programming offered at Anchor Learning Academy.  Attendance and participation at all in-school recovery activities is required.
  • Students are required to participate in replacement activities while enrolled at Anchor Learning Academy. Possible replacement activities may include employment, sports/extra curricular activity, volunteer work, recovery support meetings, etc.
  • Students who continually relapse may be subject to expulsion with the expectation that Anchor Learning Academy will help secure appropriate alternative placement.
  • Any acts of violence or possession of a weapon or possession of drugs or alcohol on the Anchor Learning Academy campus may result in immediate expulsion from the program.