Recovery Services

Anchor Learning Academy incorporates therapeutic and clinical services that support each student’s commitment to recovery

While students may successfully complete substance use treatment, returning to their high schools poses a significant challenge to maintaining sobriety. The structured environment of Anchor Learning Academy offers students an opportunity to return to their studies while they continue to focus on their recovery.

Clinical Services at Anchor Learning Academy

Individualized Recovery Treatment Plans

Each student develops a recovery plan aimed at achieving personal recovery and educational goals. Guided by theThese plans include relapse prevention strategies, utilization of healthy coping skills, involvement in replacement activities, and developing positive relationships.

Weekly counseling

Twice daily check-in periods with clinical staff help students transition into educational and therapeutic programming and review plans to remain clean and sober in the community when the school day ends.

One-on-one counseling sessions

Students attend scheduled weekly sessions with the recovery Clinician to help manage recovery challenges and create treatment plans that will help support their recovery outside of school hours.

Recovery Groups

With their peers, students participate in groups on topics relevant to the behavioral and emotional success of students in recovery:

  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Substance use education
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Teaching avoidance behaviors
  • Promoting resiliency


The Recovery Clinician works with students and their families to monitor participation in their Recovery Plans and address barriers towards achievement of goals. The Recovery Clinician monitors the components of the student’s Recovery Plan: urine toxicology results, behavior at home, involvement with healthy replacement activities, and participation in outpatient behavioral health services.


The Recovery Clinician works with students and families to develop Transition Plans when students graduate from Anchor Learning Academy or return to their sending schools. Transition Plans identify resources to support the students and their families.

Family Involvement

The Recovery Clinician maintains close contact with the students’ parents and/or guardians and is available to facilitate family counseling sessions during times of crisis. The Recovery Clinician provides psycho-education to students’ family members about addiction, mental illness, and adolescents’ social/emotional development. Students’ parents/guardians are required to attend a family meeting at Anchor Learning Academy after a student has relapsed on drugs and/or alcohol.

Establishing a Recovery Support Network

A key component of the clinical services of Anchor Learning Academy is creating a recovery support network that students can access when they are not in school and continue to utilize after graduation or transition back to their district school.