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The Providence Center is changing the lives of adults, children and families who are dealing with mental health and substance use issues and shaping the future of the delivery of mental health, substance use and primary care services through innovative programming. Our approach to treatment addresses mind and body as one and meets our clients’ needs with care and compassion.

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The Providence Center helps adults, adolescents and children affected by psychiatric illnesses, emotional problems and addictions by providing treatment and supportive services within a community setting. Since 1969, The Providence Center has made recovery possible for Rhode Islanders through over 40 programs and wraparound services that meet each individual’s unique needs for living healthy.

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TPC School Census Continues to Climb

Posted: Tue, February 13, 2018

Anchor Learning Academy Goes Christmas Caroling!

Posted: Tue, January 30, 2018

@TheProvidenceCenter This afternoon, The Providence Center recognized a $50,000 grant from the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office an……

Posted: February 22 2018

@TheProvidenceCenter Anchor Learning Academy has a new principal, Kate Pollon - find out more at ALA's updated staff page:

Posted: February 21 2018

@TheProvidenceCenter Here'a another article on the PVD Safe Stations program, this time from @ProvBusNews :

Posted: February 20 2018