Healthy minds for healthy lives


About Us

Students who need a specialized education program to be successful in the classroom. Families, parents, working men and women who deal the stresses of juggling jobs, family and other commitments. People who make a decision to change their lives and stop using drugs and alcohol.

  These are just some of the people who depend on The Providence Center. We believe people can and do recover from mental health and substance use problems when we provide them with the right services and the right supports. Since 1969, Rhode Island has turned to The Providence Center to provide the community with the critical services needed for healthy living. With your support, we have been able to meet the community’s needs with services from counseling for adults and children to addiction treatment to crisis care and housing.

  Today, your support is needed more than ever. One in five Americans struggle with a mental illness. Rhode Island ranks among the highest in drug use and recorded a startling number of accidental overdose deaths this year.

  But, together we can change this. This is an organization that recognizes what this community needs, thinks differently to come up with a solution, and delivers it. The Providence Center is firmly committed to helping people live better lives and has accepted the challenge of improving health care in this state.

  You can be a part of building a healthier Rhode Island. Your support of The Providence Center is important for providing the highest quality mental health and substance use treatment services that help people reach their full potential.

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