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Should You Use Smartphone Apps to Help Manage Your Mental Health?

Posted: Thu, August 10, 2017
By: Jake Bissaro Chances are you probably use your smartphone to do things like pay bills, schedule appointments, and shop. But is it a good idea to rely on one to treat your mental health?  A search for “mental health” in the Android app store provides a seemingly endless list...

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Five (Free!) Summer Activities to Help Alleviate Stress, Right Here in Rhode Island

Posted: Wed, August 02, 2017
By: Kaitlyn Barnett Did you know that spending just 15 minutes a day outside can reduce stress and increase levels of “feel good” hormones like dopamine?  It’s true.  A combination of Vitamin D, natural light, and wildlife not only boosts your immune system, but can also improve your sense of well-being. ...

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It’s Quitting Time O’Clock

Posted: Wed, July 26, 2017
By: Kaitlyn Barnett Peer support plays one of the most important roles throughout an individual’s journey to recovery. The Providence Center’s (TPC) ‘Quitting Time’ program is a great example of how group therapy helps in substance use treatment. “My sessions are all about lifting one another up, not putting people down. ...

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The Providence Center’s ProMail: 30 Years of Workplace Training

Posted: Wed, July 19, 2017
By: Kaitlyn Barnett Each year, individuals facing employment challenges due to mental health or addiction issues receive paid on the job training or full-time employment at ProMail, a social venture of The Providence Center (TPC).  Since 1988, ProMail has provided reliable mailing, assembly and fulfillment services, following a business model...

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TPC’s Consumer Advocacy Awards - Celebrating Client Success Stories

Posted: Mon, July 10, 2017
By: Jake Bissaro On June 21st, The Providence Center (TPC)’s Consumer Advocacy Council (CAC) held their annual recognition awards ceremony to celebrate the hard work that clients from various programs have put into their own recovery. TPC employment specialist David Whitty emceed the ceremony. “This kind of event really illustrates...

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