Support for your whole family

  Our goal is to help you achieve wellness, not only for yourself, but also for your family. If your child needs support to be successful in school or at home due to behavioral or emotional issues, The Providence Center’s Child and Family Services can help. From counseling to more intensive programs, our caring staff will work with you to understand your child’s needs and guide your family to being happy and healthy.

Child and Family

For My Child Child and Family offers a broad range of programs and services designed specifically to meet the specialized needs of children and adolescents who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioral challenges. The goal throughout all of our programs and services is to provide young people and their families with...

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Early Childhood Institute

​Tantrums? Bedtime hassles? Calls from the daycare? The experts at The Providence Center’s Early Childhood Institute can help you understand your child’s behavior and develop a plan that works for your family and for your child. For children who have behavioral, social or emotional difficulties or delays, entering kindergarten “ready...

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Adolescent and Teen Programs

It’s not easy being a teenager. With so many academic pressures and influences from friends or family, your teen might experience emotions and behaviors that are difficult to manage. Our programs for teens ages 12-17 are focused on the unique challenges and issues that teens face. We help them learn...

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TPC School

The Providence Center School is a unique special education school located in Providence for children in grades Pre-K through 12 who are experiencing acute behavioral and emotional symptoms. The curriculum is designed to support students’ academic goals and while providing therapeutic services that help build the skills necessary for managing their emotional...

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Anchor Learning Academy

​Anchor Learning Academy is Rhode Island’s first recovery high school helping students focus on the academic futures and their long-term recovery from substance use. The high school is specially designed to address academic needs, help students graduate and provide clinical services that assist students in maintaining recovery. If your high...

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Counseling for Children and Families

Children and families are unique. Each has its own strengths and challenges. When families come to The Providence Center for help in dealing with difficult matters, we take the time to understand the dynamics of the family. Then, together, we develop a plan for success. Outpatient counseling services can help...

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