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  Life brings many challenges, some of which can be difficult to get through. If you are struggling with a mental health or substance use issue, The Providence Center’s dedicated staff is here to help you find recovery.

  The Providence Center’s full range of mental health and substance use treatment services focus on your individual strengths to help you overcome obstacles live a healthy life. From outpatient counseling to residential treatment, we have a program that’s right for you.

Adult Services

Your recovery is our goal. We believe recovery from mental health and substance use issues is possible with the right treatment and supports. Our substance abuse and mental health programs and services are focused on helping individuals, couples and families overcome challenges so they can be successful at home, work...

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Outpatient Counseling and Psychiatry

​It can be difficult to seek help for a mental health issue, but our professional, compassionate staff will make you feel at ease. Our therapists will help you understand your feelings and guide you toward feeling better. Depression, anxiety and grief are common emotions that many of us experience at...

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Addiction Treatment

Recovery is possible with The Providence Center's addiction treatment services No matter where you are in your recovery journey—just starting out, starting over or after years of successful recovery—The Providence Center has a program that will provide the right amount of support. The Providence Center believes that recovery is possible with...

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Quitting Time

It’s the perfect time to take control of your life! Quitting Time is a program for men and women who have made the choice to live without drugs and alcohol. With convenient day and evening options, any time is a good time to quit! Treatment focuses on both your mental...

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Women’s Recovery Services

If you are a woman seeking addiction treatment and support, The Providence Center has a compassionate team of experts who understands your unique needs as a woman in recovery. The Providence Center's addiction treatment and mental health services help women to regain control of their lives and live healthy, without drugs...

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