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Counseling for Children and Families

Children and families are unique. Each has its own strengths and challenges. When families come to The Providence Center for help in dealing with difficult matters, we take the time to understand the dynamics of the family. Then, together, we develop a plan for success.

  Outpatient counseling services can help children who have social and emotional concerns as well as their parents or caregivers. These services emphasize treatment that reduces symptoms and helps the client to meet his or her individual goals and achieve success. Family involvement is considered an important part of the treatment for younger children.

  In addition to individual and family counseling, group treatment is also used when our clients agree that this would be the most effective way to reach their goals. Clients also have access to psychiatric services on-site which include medication evaluation and management.


  Appointments for child counseling programs and services are available during the days and evenings.

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