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Early Childhood Institute

For children who have behavioral, social or emotional difficulties or delays, entering kindergarten “ready to learn” or being successful in a day care or Head Start program can be difficult. The Early Childhood Institute offers a wide range of therapeutic services that help children from birth to school age reach their social, emotional and behavioral potentials.

Therapeutic Classrooms

During the day, early childhood specialists assist toddlers and preschoolers in developing critical emotional, social and behavior skills in specially designed therapeutic classrooms that, to your child, look just like their preschool. Activities and learning centers are designed to give children the opportunity to practice social skills, develop language and motor skills and explore their creativity. Parents may participate in the classroom experience with their children and learn appropriate techniques for managing their children’s behaviors and impulses, helping them to learn and grow. Services include:

  • Developmental and psychiatric evaluations
  • Structured and play group activities
  • Individualized cognitive, language, motor skills and social behavior curriculum
  • Parent training
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Access to The Providence Center’s services

Children are referred to our therapeutic program by parents, childcare centers, physicians, insurers, preschools, local school districts and state agencies. For more information, please contact Simmy Carter, associate director of Early Childhood Institute at or call 401-276-4164.

Incredible Years

Incredible Years is a 14-week evidence-based program designed to guide parents, teachers and children in promoting the emotional and social well-being of children ages 2-8. Incredible Years focuses on enhancing parenting skills, knowledge of child development, reinforcing positive behaviors and building upon relationships between a parent and child. It includes a combination of video vignettes of parents and children interacting that lead to group discussions of problem solving, role playing and skills training. The group setting offers a source of support and helps people engage in the program. By promoting early intervention and prevention, the ECI helps families and their children to grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

To make a referral to the program or for more information please contact the ECI at (401) 276 - 4137.

Training and Consultation

Our early childhood specialists provide consultation and training to day care center staff, early intervention providers, state and local agencies, school districts, medical and mental health providers giving them the tools they need to understand children’s social and emotional development.

  • Behavior management strategies
  • Social-emotional development
  • Teacher-student relationships
  • Parenting
  • Classroom design
  • Staff-parent relationships

Consultations may include classroom observations focusing on a particular student or situation. Following an observation, we provide feedback and advice to teachers, parents, medical and mental health providers.

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