Healthy minds for healthy lives

InShape and InShape Seniors

Shaping the future of behavioral health

InShape and InShape Seniors are nationally recognized research-based wellness programs that bring together community partners and specialists in the areas of health, exercise and nutrition to provide one-on-one physical fitness and mental health support for adults of all ages experiencing mental health and substance use problems.

InShape Seniors is specifically designed to address the physical health needs of people 65 and over. The program places an emphasis on decreasing isolation and addressing physical health issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and arthritis. The Providence Center's InShape Seniors program was the nation's first InShape program designed specifically for seniors.

instructed workout on exercise ballThe programs pair clients with health mentors who are certified personal trainers and experienced case managers. Health mentors work with participants to achieve individualized wellness goals through health and fitness activities such as nutrition counseling, yoga, exercise and weight training.

InShape and InShape Seniors engages clients in activities that promote overall health:

  • Individualized wellness plans aimed at reaching client’s personal goals.
  • Access to fitness activities at the Greater Providence YMCA such as yoga, water aerobics and weight training accompanied by health mentors
  • Nutrition counseling and education.
  • Smoking cessation and other wellness programs.
  • Support for receiving regular medical check-ups and chronic health problems.
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