Related Services

Additional services are available to current TPC School students to support their academic and clinical progress. These related services are included in the tuition.

Occupational Therapy

A licensed occupational therapist is on-site to assess and treat students who demonstrate a significant delay with fine motor skills, visual perception, organizational abilities, and/or sensory processing abilities. Recommendations for modification and adaptation of the student’s supplies, materials, activities or environment are provided to the student’s teacher and parent/guardian. Therapy services are conducted in small groups or with the entire classroom.

Speech/Language Therapy

A licensed speech/language pathologist helps staff and parents understand behaviors by assessing communication patterns and identifying communication disorders, such as articulation, language, voice and stuttering. He or she conducts individual therapy, consults with the student’s teacher about the most effective ways to facilitate the student’s communication in the classroom and works with the student’s family to develop goals and techniques.

Medication Assessment and Management

All medication administered during school hours will be in accordance with a written order from a licensed health care prescriber and verified by the school nurse teacher. When recommended by the clinical team and approved by the parent, students not on medication may be evaluated by a Providence Center child psychiatrist and, when appropriate, prescribed medication with regular monitoring. Medication that is dropped off must include an expiration date and be in the original prescription-labeled container (in the case of a prescription medication) or the manufacturer-labeled container (in the case of a non-prescription medication).

Health and Safety

A full-time school nurse teacher is available to assist the student and the parents in achieving and maintaining the students’ physical well being. The nurse monitors growth, immunizations, medications, hearing and vision screening.

School Lunch and Nutrition Program

Meals are planned by the food manager in accordance with nutritional standards for each age level. Students with food allergies or special nutritional needs (e.g. diabetes, etc.) are accommodated with an individualized food plan.