High School

The Providence Center School is committed to guiding young adults to become respectful, ethical, responsible and courteous individuals who can work both independently and cooperatively. The goals for students in the high school program are to:

  • Demonstrate preparedness to transition to post-secondary education/training, independent living and/or employment
  • Become effective communicators who speak, read, listen and write clearly and confidently
  • Employ effective and creative problem solving procedures that present practical solutions
  • Develop an understanding of and an ability to utilize the basic techniques of stress management
  • Appropriately manage their emotions and interactions

Proficiency-based Graduation Requirements (PBGR) assure that students demonstrate the ability to meet the state's Common Core Standards for Grades 9-12.  The three components of the PBGRs mandated by the state are:

  • Completion of required courses
  • A performance-based assessment
  • Participation in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)

Transitional support for high school students may include working to satisfy the Performance-based Graduation Requirements for a particular school district, arranging to take the SAT, applying for financial aid, applying to college, completing interest inventories and applying for jobs.  Trips to visit local college campuses are part of our program.

Vocational support for students 14 and older includes participating in activities designed to enhance their independent living skills and exploring various careers.